We are excited to announce our partnership with NINJAEDGE! An innovator in alternative data analytics for consumer risk assessment company. 

This partnership will be combining NinjaEdge’s proprietary bank transaction analytics software-as-a-service with our platform which optimizes lead purchasing, underwriting, and buying for lenders.

These are some things our CEO, Raphael Ocampo said about this union: “NinjaEdge brings tremendously valuable insights for our clients to better price and acquire new risk,”. “The deep experience of NinjaEdge in consumer lending empowers a differentiated solution that other lenders can quickly implement through Tekambi’s platform to strengthen their edge in lead management.”

The proprietary, machine-learning developed feature sets and scores delivered by NinjaEdge have been battle-tested on over 2.5 million lending decisions utilizing over 1 billion bank transactions.

“We’ve known and trusted Tekambi for many years, so it’s exciting to introduce their clients to a complete view of consumer income, spending, and indebtedness,” said Brian Reshefsky, President of NinjaEdge. “Because our features are built and refined through real-world lending experience, NinjaEdge delivers uniquely actionable insights to grow and construct a more profitable portfolio.”

Our clients can seamlessly incorporate not only the features and scores of NinjaEdge but also its proprietary smart routing that optimizes across permission-based instant bank verification (IBV) sources to build individualized analytics on the most accurate, richest available data with source-agnostic harmonization covering any IBV provider or a bank’s own data.

“With the complexities and speed required to successfully analyze risks for inbound and organic leads, NinjaEdge adds powerful differentiation for our clients,” Ocampo added. “The experience-based intelligence that NinjaEdge delivers versus other traditional and alternative data analytics providers enables lenders to convert more good applicants into profitable customers while at the same time reducing defaults.”

“Through Tekambi’s platform, their clients can now leverage NinjaEdge to unlock insights from nearly every checking or savings account nationwide,” said Reshefsky. “We simplify everything from accessing the best possible bank dataset to distilling an ocean of risk signals for better-informed, forward-looking lending decisions.”

This is going to be a breakthrough for us, and we are confident that it will benefit all of our users, so you are always welcome to ask us more questions or if you have any doubt we are always happy to help you!

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