We are excited to introduce to you the entire Tekambi team, you will get to know who they are and what it is that they do. 

The teams’ objective is to provide the best clients’ experience. They are very focused on their goals and that’s why good results are seen. In addition, their external and internal communication is outstanding which generates a good atmosphere in the office and outside of it. The diversity of this team makes it a pleasure to work with them and enjoy the workplace at all times. 

Michael Belcher

Account Executive

“Hi, my name is Michael, I’m one of the account executives here at Tekambi. My job is to assist our clients on a day to day basis by providing industry insights and helping them reach their goal using our product”

Jeremy Gargano 

Operations Specialist

“Hi, my name is Jeremy. I’m the operations specialists here at Tekambi. I ensure that any of the feature requests or bugs get fixed in our system. I do actually test most of them and make sure that before we deploy them they are fully functional. I also correspond with the accounts team to make sure that we provide the best client experience”

Will Nalle

Director of Technology

“Hi, I’m Will I’m director of technology here at Tekambi and my primary role is really keeping the lights on, making sure the servers are running and overseeing development, deployment, testing of new features and improvements to our system”

Ryan McDonald

Clients Success Manager

“Hi, I’m Ryan McDonald, I’m Tekambi’s Client’s Success Manager and I have our Clients services departments. I build meaningful relationships with our clients so I can understand their businesses needs and deliver any custom solutions. I also show them how to leverage our platform so they can use all the functionalities to increase their portfolio performance.”

Mitch Walling

Group Vice President

“Hi, I’m Mitch Walling, group Vice President over here at Tekambi. My primary role is here in operations so I help to make sure that our customers, our vendors and partners are all assisted in the best way that we can. With that I also try to increase awareness in what Tekambi does in the industry and how we can help people out”

Oscar Zumaran

Senior Vice President

“Hey! How is it going? My name is Oscar Zumaran, I’m the senior Vice President here at Tekambi. I focus on working with our technical team as well as our accounts team to outline our products roadmaps for Origin8 and Agora. So that we can create feature sets and try to become competitive in our marketplace.”

Raphael Ocampo


“Hi, My name is Raphael Ocampo and I am the CEO of Tekambi. I work on strategic direction… to make sure we are hitting all our client’s goals including what they have in their roadmap. I also work to help with the company culture, make sure our employees are happy and motivated and that their is positivity, that keeps me quite busy. There is also some administrative work here, but that’s boring, we don’t want to get into that…”

If you have any questions or want to know more about our products or how you can join the team, don’t hesitate to ask or add a comment!

You can reach us at https://tekambi.com/contact-us/ or message us on facebook, instagram, or linkedIn.